Maternity & Newborn Photography

5 Reasons for Maternity and Newborn Photos

I’m often asked, “Why should I have maternity photos taken? I feel sick, huge, and so tired.” I could go on for days, but I think this photo alone could say it all::

Maternity & Newborn Photo--

If, for some reason, you need a few more reasons::

  1. Freeze Time. You are only pregnant for a very short time and you will never look this way again. You should have a professional create these keepsake images for your family. Your child will grow and love looking back on who you were just before they were born.

  2. The Glow. << Yes. It’s real. Mom, you are glowing but you are carrying around a lot of extra weight. You arrive at our studio with clean, dry hair and a clean face. We'll take it from here. Let us pamper you with a professional makeover to get you ready and feeling best for your portrait experience.

  3. Partner bonding. We spend 2 hours photographing just mom and then we invite dad to join in the session to create one-of-a-kind legacy images of your growing family.

  4. Share the love. Maybe you’re not feeling a large baby shower, or even going out and about while carrying all that extra weight. Maternity photos will stay and can be sent to all of your family and friends so they don’t feel left out of seeing you during your pregnancy.

  5. Creativity. Whether it be a gender announcement or an incredible maternity & newborn transformation like the photo above, we can bring any vision to life in our 1500 sq. ft. private dedicated home studio and decades of experience with lighting, set building and understanding the vision of our clients.

We handle everything from helping you choose your outfits, to the photography and choosing beautiful books, albums, and wall art for your home.

At Christina Kramer Portrait we also have a very special offer:: If you book your maternity photos with us you’ll get your newborn session fee for free. Click HERE to learn more! We suggest you book your maternity session between 27-32 weeks.