Christina Kramer Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation

Award Winning Portrait Photographer

The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation was launched in 2017. This bi-annual event is the chance for professional portrait photographers around the world to compete for best-in-category and earn accreditation towards levels of mastery. I am extremely proud to say that in February 2022 I finally was awarded the title of being an accredited photographer with the Sue Bryce Portrait Master Awards. Winning dozens of bronze, bronze with distinction and silver awards has officially distinguished me as an associate. This means people all over the world looking for photographers that are of the highest professional standards will find me on the map and listed as a recommended professional on the Portrait Masters website. There is always room to level up to gold and becoming a Fellow but today I am grateful for being at this stage. My work in Maternity/Newborn and Creative Portraiture have been category finalists and hopefully one day work I create will be category winners and reach gold level. We have to have dreams in order to achieve them. I'm happy to say that I'm finally living my dreams and working toward new goals.