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These are award-winning portraits that won bronze with distinction awards this round at the Portrait Masters Awards sponsored by Sue Bryce (My favorite Portrait photographer) 07/2022. As a portrait photographer, it is an honor to be judged by some of the best in the business as I continue my journey to becoming a portrait master. Currently, I am an associate on my way to becoming a master. These contests push me to elevate my work and ensure my images are polished to professional standards. That truly is the only way to master the art of the style of photography I do. I create challenges and get more creative as I push myself to be among the best in my field. Typically I don't like the more painterly portraits, but I may try one soon to test myself. As a Long Island portrait photographer, I'm honored to win this round of awards in intimate maternity and dance portraits.

Christina Kramer Dance Portrait Sessions
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Christina Kramer Magical Dance Portraits
Christina Kramer Dance Portrait Sessions
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CTKPHOTOS Long Island NY Dance Portraits

CTKPHOTOS Award Winning Dance Portraits