CTKPHOTOS Intimate Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir Portraits

As a Long Island Portrait Photographer, I love to photograph intimate boudoir sessions. So many of these sessions are for my client's eyes only, but I especially love when they let me share a few on my website. At my studio, there are so many background choices and set possibilities. And the entire space is yours for the day, so you can get as cheeky or chic as you want. We keep it elegant and classy but let you take your own direction with how you want your final images to look. We help every step of the way with outfit selection, lighting, and guided posing. Are you bold enough to do this for yourself? Inquire here!

Long Island NY Boudoir Portraits
Christina Kramer Boudoir Portraits
Intimate Boudoir Sessions
CTKPHOTOS Intimate Boudoir Sessions
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Intimate Boudoir Portraits
Photographer Long Island NY Intimate Boudoir Portraits
Christina Kramer Boudoir Portrait
CTKPHOTOS - Boudoir Photographer Long Beach NY
CTKPHOTOS Long Island NY Boudoir Portraits
Intimate Boudoir Portraits Long Beach NY
Christina Kramer Long Beach NY Boudoir Portraits