Bridal Portrait Experience - Bridal Before & After

As a Long Island Portrait photographer I try to find clever ways to market myself. This January I participated in a Bridal Expo for the first time. People who know me would find that ironic because I typically do not shoot weddings. It's not my specialty and there are many others out there. So My reason for participating in the Bridal Expo was to get the opportunity to talk to brides to be and their families about everything leading up to but not wedding day. I coined the term " Bridal, Before & After". This means I would love to photograph everything BEFORE the wedding, like boudoir, engagements, the bridal party with champagne and cheese at the studio etc. And then every life event AFTER the wedding.... Maternity, newborn, family, sports, prom, dance, headshots, personal branding etc. So your wedding photographer will be there on your wedding day but I will be there for your lifetime. Ta Da!

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