Emma's Headshot Session

Being a professional portrait photographer based in Long Island certainly has its benefits. Lots of people who work in NYC need headshots for their company websites and social media without traveling to the city on their time off. I photograph in my studio or at an indoor or outdoor location of choice. Emma came in for typical corporate portraits and we covered those right away. Then she looked around my studio at the portraits displayed and saw this beautiful champagne background. I set that up on the spot and needless to say she love those images the most. I love to photograph tone on tone so the face becomes front and center of the image. At the end we took her hair down and now Emma has a nice selection of corporate portrait looks and more casual photographs for social media. When you come in for a headshot session you get your final 3 images in both color and black and white versions. You will also receive your files in print size and in web size. I do this because lots of people don't really know how to size a file down so I take away the hassle. I try to do everything I can to create a pleasant experience from start to finish. In Emma's case I thought her uncropped versions were really nice too so I sent over those as well.

  • EmmaSByCTKPHOTOS089-Edit.jpg
  • EmmaSByCTKPHOTOS130-Edit-2.jpg
  • EmmaSByCTKPHOTOS089-Edit-2.jpg
  • EmmaSByCTKPHOTOS089-Edit-Edit.jpg
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  • EmmaSByCTKPHOTOS130-Edit.jpg
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