Fine Art Dance Portrait Experience at Christina Kramer Portrait - CTKPHOTOS 

Fine art Dance series inspired by flowers butterflies and Angels photographed and retouched by professional photographer Christina Kramer located in Long Beach, NY. I have always had a love for nature. I have been photographing flowers as soon as I understood how to use a camera. But let's face it. My beautiful gallery of florals was basically a collection of images I love and not much more than that. In 2007 I created a beautiful series of Jewelry and nature which was also just a labor of love that never really went anywhere. Now that I am working with dancers I'm feeling so much energy and see the beautiful parallels between the form of the body and the flowers. I have always wanted to do something like this and when I get clients that just let me do my thing that's when the magic happens. Dancers are special. They understand my art and let me be creative with them. They are patient and will work hard to help me get the shot I see in my mind. Myla specializes in Hip Hop but floats in all genres. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I think we all just love these fine art creations. Currently accepting Dance of all genres at my studio in Long Island, NY. Your imagination will be my creation!