Graduation - Family Portrait Experience

OH Rosy! What a treat is was to meet and photograph your beautiful family! You see that smile. That is Rosy. So happy and full of joy for life, her family and most recently, her graduation from Chamberlain University. Rosy called me for a simple graduation portrait for her college yearbook. At first I thought her child was graduating but then I came to realize that Rosy earned her Doctorate Degree in Nursing. I asked her if she had a family and she said yes. I asked her if she would like to have them photographed as well and Rosy was very excited that I would take her college headshot in normal clothing, graduation clothing and finish up with family portraits. I also offered Rosy in professional hair and make up services and she could not believe she could do everything all in one place and in one day. So when Rosy arrived to get her beauty services she brought along the most handsome 14 year old boy so I asked him if he would model for me so I could get the light right while mom was getting ready. Boys don't always love to jump in front of the camera so I asked him what his favorite color was and took out some gels and when he saw the first few images he came to life. I have a really cool optical spot that creates shapes on the model or behind on a wall. I got compliments liked "that's FIRE" so I knew he was enjoying his time with me while mom got beautified. When Rosy was ready we photographed her, then brought in her son and at the end of the session we called dad in to capture this milestone for this family.

This family package is a really great deal: You can see it on my website but I'll give you a brief rundown here. You get a full family shoot, all the culled digital images and a beautiful 8x8 signature book for $975. All you do is show up! (Beauty services is an add on) If you check out the Gallery you can see what Rosy's family-grad looked like. It was so great to meet this family and I look forward to photographing her father's 90th in March! I'm sure the rest of this family is just as wonderful as these three!