Headshots - Hair & Make Team

On Long Island, there are so many talented Hair and Makeup Artists. And one is nicer than the other. Here is one of the Teams that I work with. When I have clients, I learn about their style, and I reach out to the beauty professional that I believe will best fit their aesthetic. These artists come to my studio with their kit and apply hair and makeup, so my clients only need to bring their outfits to be ready for their experience at my studio. I'm so grateful to have so many of these amazing women in my database. This team that does bridal work on location is from Beaute' Plans, and I took the opportunity to do all of their headshots on gray and then have a little fun with them. Now they can present themselves as the powerhouse team that they are. Crystal owns 2 salons. One in Plainview and one in Bellmore named Salon Nouveau, where they cut, color, and run full-service brick & Mortar Salons. All of these women freelance as well. I had so much fun with these ladies, as you will see in their gallery below! ... So much fun!