Megan & Kathyn

Megyn is a beautiful and very quiet redhead. Kathryn is the mom who absolutely adores her. When Kathryn booked their session she warned me right away that this may not be on the top 100 things Megan wants to do. To get her interested The Mother/Daughter duo came to see the studio and get a feel for what goes on here. Honestly I was still concerned if I got Megan to come around to embracing the portrait experience. Mom showed me some old JC Penny portraits they have done throughout the years and how they would like a few images without makeup on a black background just the same. She knew she needed a few shots of Megan in her School Uniform since they didn't offer this service at her school. I asked Kathryn if she needed a few headshots for her social media or work and she thought that was a good idea as well. After that Kathryn was comfortable leaving the rest of the session up to me. I knew in her heart she just wanted some beautiful portraits of her daughter that did not go too glamourous because this simply would not be a representation of who Megan is at this time in her life. My hair and make up professional kept it to a light bronze, mascara and light eyeliner. I thought her make up was beautiful and left those gorgeous freckles in tact. At some point Megan admitted there were times she enjoyed having her photograph taken even though she generally feels uncomfortable in front of a camera. I love their images and believe they captured who they are today. I can't wait to photograph them in a few years. I believe it will be a completely different experience that Megan is already starting to think of in her head :) You can see their full album on our Facebook Page