Model Portfolio Creation - Shayne

Sha - Sha Shayne was awesome to work with. He came to us to create a professional modeling portfolio and this was all created in one session. Shayne has beautiful bone structure and a chiseled physique. He has a quiet, thoughtful personality but definitely knows what he likes. He created the T-Shirt at the end of the portfolio and we thought that was cool to show case other talents. We worked with dramatic lighting, simple set design and and interesting posing to bring forward the best in Shayne's portfolio images. His blonde surfer hair stole the show in a lot of the images so to change it up we used some kango and ushanka hats that Shayne brought. It's always great to have a little more to work with. Typically a portfolio is 6-20 images and primarily color photographs that showcase various looks and includes a great headshot, 1/2 body and full body shots. I think we got it covered. You can read more about professional portfolios on my website and reach out to book your session anytime!