Real Estate Headshot

Real Estate Headshots and Team Portrait

Here on Long Island, NY, your professional headshot can be what separates you from all the competition. A headshot is your signature and often the first impression of you to your client. Your headshot can range in level of professionalism depending on your career/job. However, for every career, it is a huge part of creating your personal brand. Therefore your headshot should fully represent you!

I spent the afternoon with Century 21 Mullaney Group updating their headshots and taking a team portrait for their brand. I couldn’t have spent the afternoon with a nicer bunch of people, and what an easy and perfect way to allow your entire team to have a top-notch headshot to be shared with each listing.

For Century 21, we photographed at one of their listings because it had a great setting for their group portraits. We brought a curtain and used a window for backlight to photograph the entire team.

Depending on your branding needs, we can have your shoot at our studio or a location of your choice! For more information on our headshot/branding services, check out our page: