Welcome New Assistant - Emerging Photographer Bailey

As a professor in the photography department at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC I meet and teach 50 new students every semester since 2006. There is always a range of talent and interest in each cohort. I met Bailey in her Intro to lighting class and then she took Photoshop with me. She is a shining star in her classes. She will be entering her sophmore year in the Fall and she is lightyears ahead of most in her classes. She is lightyears ahead of where I was at her age. I'm thrilled she finds my work inspiring and wants to learn from me. Bailey loves fashion and glamour. I love portrait and glamour so we compliment each other well. We both love to shoot until we pass out and then dive deep into the retouching and editing process. The bottom line is that we both LOVE photography and elevating each other. I can't wait to see what we do together. Also as my assistant and future associate photographer Bailey gets to be my test model before actual shoots. She has the face of an angel and can pose like nobody's business. Here are some images we tested with for one of my portrait sessions. Also, in my monthly newsletter Bailey will have her own column where she will write about anything she wants. You can see her fabulous work at. @BaileyAnnPhotography