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Christina Kramer Portrait Photographer, Long Beach NY, specializes in portrait photography, Magazine Style, Glamour, Personal Branding, Family Portraits & more.

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"With my camera and beautiful light I can change the way you see yourself. This can change your life. I cannot wait to photograph you.”

Before & After  Gallery of transformations

  • Absolutely anyone is invited for a full transformation. Check out a few before & afters and envision yourself here. We have a team of professional hair and makeup artists who will enhance your natural beauty. They will make getting ready for your portrait relaxing and incredible.
  • 50 Over 50 Before & After, Long Beach NY
  • 50 over 50 portraits Long beach NY
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  • 50 over 50 portraits long island ny
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  • Before & After Portrait
  • 50 over 50 portraits before & after
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  • 50 over 50 Long Island, NY
  • 50 Over 50 Portraits Long Beach, NY
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Professional Portrait Consultation
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  • Creative Folio Portrait Session
  • Glamour Portraiture
  • Glamour Head Shot
  • Magazine Styled Portraits
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Let’s get to know each other, I’ll go first.

I'm Christina, a mother of 2 boys, a wife, an artist, educator, creator, and light-chaser. My day begins with the sunrise and a coffee in hand, it ends with colorful sunsets, a fuzzy blanket, and a warm snuggle with my pup Coco. With over 25 years of photography experience, my love for it is ever-evolving and seems to be maturing like a fine wine. In 2006 I launched my own photography business after working as a staff photographer for Macy's for 9 years. I have specialized in many genres from product photography to high volume school and sports leagues and presently all genres of portraiture at my dedicated home studio in Long Beach, NY, and on location. As an educator at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I have the privilege of mentoring aspiring photographers. In addition to teaching students how to perform technically, prepare and be creative with their work I teach them to bring value to their sessions and to value themselves.

So enough about me… Let’s talk about YOU! I want to know everything I can about you so I can create the perfect portrait experience that you will cherish for years to come. I will check out your Instagram and Facebook to get a feel for who you are and I will ask lots of questions to fine-tune your day so you will leave here feeling inspired and full of life and hopefully satisfied by your decision to work with me at the same time.


Christina Kramer - Professional Photographer for over 25 years. Long Beach, New York

Call for a personal consultation: 516-643-8567 or fill out this brief questionnaire and we'll call you.