Too Cute to pass up showing off these furry friends. It's not always ideal to have pets at the studio so for the second year in a row we collaborated with Tara and Irina at Your CBD Store in the West end to give our neighbors the opportunity to have their pets photographed professionally. Some people use them for holiday cards and some create wall art. Either way, it is always tons of fun to participate in community events and play with the...


Shiran is a therapist who booked a headshot session for her website and social media. She was looking firmly at business style portraits that brought a friendly, trusting feel to them and brought in business professional outfits. She loved how I floated her through the studio and created these mini sets that worked well with her outfit choices and brought out her centered personality. AND there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to...


Lizet is one of the hair and make up professionals that freelance at my studio. She is in a lot of my behind-the-Scenes reels I create for my clients. Because Lizet is in the business, she has other photographer friends so I was honored when she chose to work with me. I wanted to make sure I came up with something creative and beautiful for her and because she is a wonderful creative in her own right I asked her what kinds of images she...


Megyn is a beautiful and very quiet redhead. Kathryn is the mom who absolutely adores her. When Kathryn booked their session she warned me right away that this may not be on the top 100 things Megan wants to do. To get her interested The Mother/Daughter duo came to see the studio and get a feel for what goes on here. Honestly I was still concerned if I got Megan to come around to embracing the portrait experience. Mom showed me some old JC...

Award Winning Portrait Photographer Long Island NY

As a professional portrait photographer I always aim to create the best, most beautiful images of my clients that they will love. I take the time to learn about each one of them. We talk about color, style, genre, concept, and lots of other things that go into creating a custom portrait experience. We talk about what the outcome and purpose of each image and the series as a whole will be and I do everything in my power to bring their vision...

Birthday Portraits Long Island NY

18th Birthday Portraits by Christina Kramer Portrait - CTKPHOTOS

This is Deanna! Deanna just graduated high school and for her 18th birthday she booked a portrait experience as a gift to herself. She had a great vision for her photos and sent over some inspiration images. We collaborated to create a custom session designed just for her and her vision. Deanna was drawn to red roses, sexy chic and great posing.

If you look inside...

Beach Maternity Portraits

This Beach Maternity Portrait session holds a special place in all of our hearts here in Long Beach, NY.

Marissa and Miguel were told they would never give birth to a child due to medical reasons. So when Marissa found out she was pregnant it was nothing short of a miracle for the Rodriguez family. This couple and their family is well known all around Long Beach, NY for their involvement with the kids in our...

Confirmation Portraits Long Island NY

Although you truly don’t need an excuse to have family portraits updated, a confirmation is a great reason to!

This gorgeous family found me on the internet and arrived for a confirmation session for their daughter. It was the first time I didn't have to tell a cold caller about the experience. This woman said she saw my work and knew I was the one as she booked me on the spot....

Fashion Glamour Portraits

This fashion glamour portrait session has Princess Elsa wearing Haute Couture Fashion by Caroline Berti.

Caroline is a styling teacher at FIT which is where we met. She designs and hand sews all of her fashion designs. Caroline regularly has her fashions photographed at my studio in Long Beach, NY.

Her style is wearable fun with a whimsical costume feel. You will never be disappointed by the materials and textures in her...

Professional Pet Photography

Mitchell is a banker that needed to update his corporate headshots. He also wanted a portrait with his dog Noodles for his Linked In profile picture. I welcome well trained pets in my studio. Noodles was very well behaved!

At CTK Photos we like to mix it up between professional portraits and loving pet photography. Last year I teamed up with Tara from Your CBD Store in Long Beach to do Pet Portraits for the...


Being a professional portrait photographer based in Long Island certainly has its benefits. Lots of people who work in NYC need headshots for their company websites and social media without traveling to the city on their time off. I photograph in my studio or at an indoor or outdoor location of choice. Emma came in for typical corporate portraits and we covered those right away. Then she looked around my studio at the portraits displayed...

50 Over 50 Portraits Long Beach, NY

Tesimonial from Mary featured in these photos: The concept of a sister's photo session thought up by Christina Tisi-Kramer with professional hair, makeup and wardrobe changes is brilliant. Christina Tisi-Kramer is a truly ingenious woman with tremendous talent behind a camera lens. Not many women get a chance to be pampered and photographed by professionals. Looking through the proofs and trying to choose favorites is nearly...


Welcome to my 50 Women Over 50 Project here in Long Island, NY.

You may have heard of the 50 Over 50 Project, and if not then this is the perfect moment.

50 Over 50 is a worldwide movement to celebrate older women’s beauty, wisdom, and the sacrifices they have made for all of us. As I celebrate my 50th birthday this year, I am looking...


How many times a year do you have a chance for your family’s multi-generation photos? It sure is a special time any time your whole family can gather and enjoy time with each other.

Over Mother’s Day this year we had all three generations of the men in our family at my photography studio in Long Beach, NY. I created this image of my husband, his father, and our two sons for a fun and creative way to show off...

Real Estate Headshot

Here in Long Island, NY your professional headshot can be what separates you from all the competition. A headshot is your signature and often the first impression of you to your client. Your headshot can range in level of professionalism depending on your career/job, however...

Maternity & Newborn Photography

I’m often asked, “Why should I have maternity photos taken? I feel sick, huge, and so tired.” I could go on for days, but I think this photo alone could say it all::

Maternity & Newborn Photo--

If, for some reason, you need a few more reasons::

  1. Freeze Time. You are only pregnant for a very short time and you will never look this way again....


I really enjoy capturing high school seniors and this senior prom photoshoot was no exception. We went to the Hempstead House at Sands Point and it was worth the ride. The backdrops were amazing.

These two were up for anything and had no problem showing off how much they care about each other. Now they have a beautiful signature book...

50 Over 50 Portrait, Long Beach, NY

Mary reached out on a Thursday and we pulled this together for Friday. Hair, Make Up - the works and by Monday she was all set with these beauties that she needed for her company website. I took a look at was there for her co workers and I'm happy to say these blow those away. Can't wait to hear the feedback! When you get the headshot package it includes 3 fully retouched final images in both color and Black and white,


LBCA wanted to do something special for the volunteers that came back year after year. Myself included. I have been photographing this event since 2014. Its a great local charity that does wonderful things for anyone in need. Unfortunatly Johanna (The President of LBCA) is not in here but I will get her next year. These were less than 10 minute sessions inspired by the lighting of Peter Hurley. I also had fun adding all the graphics and they...


Mary is a Long Island professional looking for a more polished studio look. We weren't going to try the red because she was wearing a red shirt but it worked our great and she ended up selecting 2 images on that background. I even got her to take her glasses off and she love the image so much because it reminded her of her mother. So sweet.


Myles is a COO of a vision company and needed some shots for his company website. We worked for friendly but powerful. I tossed in the Black/Whites because I think he looks masculine in those. Although, he liked it the Ladder shot was not one of his final 3 but I loved it so much I had to process it too. I loved the variation of expression and sometimes when you're a COO you need to be bad ass :)


Kelly is a Doula. She was looking for a few images to represent her as the earthy, friendly approachable person she is in real life. We also snuck in a few shots with her adorable 4 year old! What a cutie!


Madeline has an Irish Spring look of innocents. It really lends itself to Black and White Classic photography. However, her eyes are so beautiful that it's hard to move away from color. A true beauty either way!

Gown with Movement.jpg

Krysta is a beautiful young opera singer who came in for personal branding shots. I couldn't help myself when she brought in this fantastic gown. So we did a little Glam the Gown session and then I coupled the gown with a couture headpiece a designer friend of mine (Caroline Berti) made.


I love when I photograph a family and years later they remember their experience and call me up to create new memories. This little family is part of a huge family I photographed in a restaurant in Roslyn a few years back. We did this session right in their own home in Long Island.

NY Headshots

Brian local real estate agent interested in professional images for his business cards, social media and company website. This session was done on location at his office and we used a mixture of daylight and flash to get the nice open look he was looking for.

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 10.29.10 PM.png

It truly is a gift to have the pleasure of photographing one of my closest friends. I met Agnes 9 years ago when my son Cooper was in kindergarten and we have been friends ever since. Agnes is one of the kindest woman I know. She is a proud Polish woman and a selfless mom. She is always cooking, cleaning and working to care for her family and friends. We literally cried while looking at the photos together. I am privileged to be able to show...

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 10.34.51 PM.png

Anthony is an executive chef looking for images for his social media and to replace the look of his corporate listing. He brought a casual outfit, a chef uniform and a casual business look. I told him to bring a fun chef prop as well which is where the knives come in. I always love a prop that is specific to a profession.

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 10.55.53 PM.png

Skylar is a Junior at Long Beach Highschool. She came in to check out how it feels to be photographed because she is considering a modeling career. She was clearly a natural.