Headshots - Corporate Lawyer

Professional Corporate Lawyer Richard Waxman had a professional headshot session. I'm loving that confidence and that fantastic smile!!He has a lot of character and I think it came through in his portraits. I did not choose the Crocs image but Richard say it's who he is. So be it! Headshots can be photographed at your place of business if you are having them done for a team and we can bring professional stylists to your place of business. They can also be done here at our portrait studio in Long Beach, NY. Another alternative is to rent a business space or a hotel. Regardless of the venue we use professional lighting and guided poses and all selects are professionally retouched. We can bring backgrounds or shoot within an existing environment. Headshots should be updated regularly to reflect your current look and style. All images are delivered in Black and white and color in print size and sized down for web use. It's always a good time to update your headshot!

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